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Hello El Paso and Las Cruces!

Solar Power may be a brilliant, next-move for your home..

Let our team of honest, local experts build you a free estimate, and see how much a little sunshine could save you.


About Us

Sunshine City is a veteran-owned, residential solar dealership located in the heart of El Paso, Texas. 

There are many solar companies operating in El Paso and Las Cruces with varying degrees of knowledgeability and trustworthiness. Our founder demands the highest level of integrity and expertise from each of us as solar consultants. We also only offer top-tier solar components (all made in the USA, Canada, or Germany) in our systems.

We are committed to our clients, and to ensuring that each one receives maximum value and satisfaction from their solar investment. Y hablamos Español!


Why Go Solar?

Environmentally Smart

El Paso Electric transports nuclear power from Arizona and burns natural gas, utilizing a massive footprint, to bring power to its 400,000 customers in Texas and New Mexico.


Instead, we help you harness the renewable energy splashing plentifully on your roof all year long (sunshine), and then power your home with it. 

Financially Smart Today

Install with No Down Payment and Save Money Today as solar power will eliminate your electric bill by up to 95% and leave you with a lower, fixed monthly payment that will not increase with El Paso Electric's annual rate hikes.

Also, for solar systems installed by December 31st, 2019, the IRS offers a 30% Residential Energy Federal Tax Credit.

Financially Smart Tomorrow

Our solar systems come with a 25 Year Energy Production Warranty, and can cut your total electricity costs of the next 20 years by 50%.


Increase your home value by about $3,000 per kW of solar power installed. Regardless of any debate, homes with solar have a valuable capability that most homes do not.

Both Texas and New Mexico Property Tax Codes exempt 100% of all residential solar investment.


The Process

1. Assessment  


Our team will review your home's energy usage and assess the property's sun exposure before designing a custom solar plan for your home that maximizes your immediate and long-term solar savings.

3. Permitting  

Our team will work with the city and utility to handle all permits required for the installation of your solar system.

4. Installation 


Our systems are typically installed within 45 days from Sign Up.

5. Activation  

El Paso Electric conducts a final inspection before granting Permission to Operate (PTO). PTO is typically granted within 2 weeks of system installation, or 60 days from Sign Up. Occasional delays with inspectors may cause PTO to be pushed out to 90 days from Sign Up.

2. Consultation 

Meet with one of our solar experts to honestly compare our options to your current arrangement, address any questions, and decide if solar is right for you.


Our Products


Get a Free Estimate for Your Home!

Let us prepare a free estimate for your home to see if solar power is a good fit for you. We currently only serve the greater El Paso and Las Cruces areas.


500 N. Oregon, Second Floor

El Paso, TX 79901

(915) 257-5675

Se Habla Español

Help Wanted.

Do you have solar sales experience? We seek honest, smart, and driven sales professionals. To apply for opportunities with Sunshine City, please email us a cover letter together with your resume.

Local. Honest. Experts.