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Solar Power is the Right Answer!

Let our team of honest, local, experts build you a free estimate and see how much a little sunshine could save you.

Get a glimpse of how much El Paso is saving with Solar Energy.

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Better for the environment.

Solar power is cleaner and better for the environment than El Paso Electric’s portfolio of natural gas and nuclear power. Going green doesn’t have to be some lofty, far-fetched goal. Sunshine City (an El Paso Solar Company) is here to make your financial and environmental goals a reality with a top-quality solar panel system.

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Better for your wallet.

You can install a solar panel system in El Paso / Las Cruces with no down payment or startup costs and save money today as solar power will reduce your electric bill by up to 95% and leave you with a lower, fixed monthly payment. 

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Switching to Solar.

The greater El Paso and Las Cruces area experiences 300 days of sunlight per year. And living in the desert Southwest, we're blessed with more “Sun Hours per Day” than most of the country. Harnessing this clean, renewable energy makes sense in every way. On the other hand, El Paso Electric is a for-profit corporation that raises our price for electricity an average of 4% every single year. You're looking at spending tens of thousands with them in the next 20 years. You should also know that they draw their power from fracked "Natural" Gas (still a fossil fuel) and Nuclear Power that they're transporting here from Arizona.


Solar power is star power. Harness the power from your nearest star, and run your home with it! Save big money on energy costs and reduce your home's carbon footprint at the same time. Going green doesn’t have to be some lofty, far-fetched goal. Our team at Sunshine City (an El Paso Solar Company) strives to be a light for you and your family. We would be honored to guide you through the switch to solar power.



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