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Sunshine City | About Us

Sunshine City is a local and veteran-owned, residential solar power company serving the Southwest region and located in the heart of El Paso, Texas. The company’s beginnings were humble, as founder Sam Silerio would go door-to-door in an effort to educate homeowners on how solar energy can make a positive difference both for them financially and also for their environment. Today, Sunshine City has grown to a small team of local, honest, experts who continue to beat the drum for renewable energy. Our priority is to help homeowners explore their options with an aim to provide them with a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and overall cleaner way to power their homes. 

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Our Mission and Vision

Sunshine City strives to be a light to our beloved Southwest region. By providing local residents with top-quality, solar panel systems, we work toward a more sustainable footprint and future for our people.

Why You Can Trust Our Experts

There are many solar companies operating in the El Paso and Las Cruces area, with varying degrees of knowledgeability and trustworthiness. Sunshine City stands out because we demand the highest level of integrity and expertise from each of our team members. Our solar experts make it a priority to fully educate our clients on the technology, the financials, and the incentives before providing an honest recommendation as to whether solar power is right for their home or not.

We Supply Our Customers with Ongoing Service Long After Their System Installation

We keep up with our customers long after their solar installations to ensure that everything is running properly and that they’re getting the most from their investment. Expect us to follow up regularly and answer any questions you have along the way.

Get Started with a Free Estimate for Your Custom Solar System with the Best Experts in Town

We are committed to our clients and to ensuring that each one receives maximum value and satisfaction from their solar investment. If you’re ready for your free estimate, or if you have any questions about getting started with solar power, please contact us today! ¡Hablamos español!