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Sunshine City | Providing Maintenance For Your Solar Panel System

Choosing Sunshine City as your solar panel provider takes the worry out of any issues with your system. Our systems all come with a 25-year performance warranty from the manufacturers that include replacement parts for any underperforming panels or microinverters.


Solar panels generally require very little maintenance. They are very durable and should last between 25-30 years with no maintenance. The only maintenance you might need to perform is to wash them clean of dirt and dust with a garden hose. The occasional rains of El Paso and Las Cruces wash away any dust buildup. If your hose cannot reach the panels, there are local companies that offer to squeegee your panels clean. One way to know if this is required is by keeping an eye on your system’s production using the system monitoring discussed below. We find that most desert solar panel systems are “weather-maintained.”


Some of the factors that can reduce system production are:


  • Accumulated leaves

  • Excessive dust buildup

  • Bird droppings

Monitor Your System’s Current Production at Any Time

Sunshine City includes remote system monitoring on all of its solar systems. Our clients have 24-hour access to monitoring via the Enlighten app by Enphase Energy. Enlighten provides the following:


  • A live view of your system's current power production

  • Energy production reports with visual graphs

  • Energy consumption by your household compared to system production

  • Alerts if there is an issue with any of your panels or microinverters


Sunshine City clients can reach out to us at any time with questions or let us know of any concerns they have with their solar systems. If one of your components appears to have an issue, we will promptly inspect your system and schedule a service appointment if necessary. The beautiful thing about our microinverter solar panel systems is that if one panel or microinverter goes down, the others keep working without skipping a beat to keep up production for you until the repair is made.


We are at your service for any help you need with your solar power system!

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