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Understanding Net Metering

What is Net Metering? Maybe you’re considering going solar and heard this term used somewhere. Well, the Net Meter itself is a new electricity meter that will replace your current meter and a Net Meter can roll both forward and backward instead of regular meters that only roll forward. Net Metering allows solar homeowners to send the excess electricity produced by their solar panels back into the grid in exchange for later use and/or compensation from the electric company. This arrangement allows you to go solar without installing expensive battery backup systems.

When your solar system produces more electricity than your house needs at that time, excess electricity is fed back to the utility’s power grid and stored for use at a later time when the household actually needs it. When this happens, your electricity meter will run downward and buildup credit against any electricity you do need from your utility at nighttime or on cloudy days when the sun isn’t as bright. With solar panels, solar energy is never wasted energy. The only noticeable difference or change you will see over time is a lower monthly electricity bill. There is no difference inside the home (no noticeable switch or transition) from when you’re using your own solar energy or using the utility’s power.

Locally, El Paso Electric provides Rollback Net Metering for homeowners with rooftop solar. After we install your system, El Paso Electric switches your current meter for a Net Meter before activating your system. The Net Meter calculates and keeps a running tally of how much solar electricity is being produced by the household, how much electricity you’re returning to the grid, and how much you’re pulling from the grid. The meter runs forward when you use El Paso Electric’s energy and will run backward when your extra solar energy is being sent back to the grid.

At the end of each month, if you have a negative net balance (you sent El Paso Electric more energy than you pulled from them), El Paso Electric will credit you for that energy on your electric bill.

Monitoring your energy production versus consumption is easy and convenient. All of our customers will have access to the Enlighten app to keep tabs on YOUR energy. Enlighten is interactive and allows you to control settings, monitor current usage of electricity, and see how well your solar production is meeting the household’s needs.

Investing in solar energy is a smart, sensible choice. It is renewable, environmentally friendly, and financially smart too. Call Sunshine City today to speak to an honest, local, expert that will give you their honest recommendation as to whether solar power makes sense for you and your home. If it’s a good fit, we’re happy to guide you step-by-step, through the solar panel installation process and beyond.

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