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Making the Change to Solar Energy

You might be wondering whether or not the solar investment is right for you and your home. Our experts are here to help you run the numbers, and honestly assess if solar power is a good fit for your home at this time.

The Benefits of Installing a Solar Panel System

There are so many benefits to incorporating solar power into your home. Whether you’re motivated by reducing your family’s carbon footprint, by saving money on your electric bill, by the increased property value, or by the long-term savings, you’ve come to the right place to get started.

Good for the Environment

El Paso Electric is a private company that burns natural gas and transports nuclear power from Arizona, utilizing a massive footprint, to bring power to its 400,000 customers in Texas and New Mexico. Instead, we help you harness the renewable energy splashing plentifully on your roof all year long, and power your home with it.

Financially Smart Today

You can install a solar panel system with no down payment or startup costs and save money today as solar power will reduce your electric bill by up to 95% and leave you with a lower, fixed monthly payment. Your solar payment will not increase with El Paso Electric's annual rate hikes. Finally, the IRS offers the Solar Investment Tax Credit to help homeowners afford their solar energy investment.

Financially Smart Tomorrow

Our solar systems come with a 25-year energy production warranty and can cut your total electricity costs for the next 20 years by 50%. Installing solar power can increase your home value by up to $3,000 per kW of solar power installed. Realtors and Appraisers argue back and forth about the true value added by solar power, but regardless of any debate, homes with solar panels have a valuable capability that most homes do not. And in this part of the country, that capability is worth more due to our surplus of sunshine.


Both Texas and New Mexico Property Tax Codes exempt 100% of all residential solar investment.

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We are committed to our clients and to ensuring that each one receives maximum value and satisfaction from their solar investment. If you’re ready for your free estimate, or if you have any questions about getting started with solar power, please contact us today! ¡Hablamos español!